Nestled in the charming city of Thomasville, Georgia, Sweet CaCao is not just a chocolate shop; this delightful haven for all things chocolate offers more than just indulgent treats; they also provided our All Access Foodies supporters an exclusive experience that dives deep into the heart of chocolate-making. I’m so happy to share my adventure into the world of truffles with Sweet CaCao’s truffle making experience.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed with a selection of white and bubbly rosé wines accompanied by a beautiful and tasty cheese board, while enjoying an insightful lesson detailing the art of cocoa, from bean to truffle case! We learned all about the history of Sweet Cacao and got to dive into their hands-on truffle class, guided by our expert instructors – the talented owners themselves.

The Sweet Story of Sweet CaCao In Thomasville

In 2018, Dena, with the unwavering support of her husband, brought her dream to fruition by founding Sweet CaCao Chocolates. By 2020, the team expanded to include her daughter-in-law, Katy, as both an apprentice and a new business partner. Fast forward to 2024, and this shop has become a beloved local favorite.

Dena and Katy spend their days in the factory, meticulously handcrafting both white and milk chocolate truffles, as well as beautiful macarons, cheesecakes, and so much more. I loved meeting the 3 generations at the class, including Katy’s daughter and newborn son.

From Bean to Truffle Case: The Legalities and Ethical Considerations

In the U.S., the FDA has strict guidelines on what constitutes chocolate, especially concerning the percentage of chocolate labelled as an ingredient – it must contain a minimum cacao mass of 10%. Hersheys braves the bare minimum containing only 11%, 1% over the legal limit. Sweet CaCao prides itself on exceeding these standards at a minimum of 65%, delivering a product that’s not only legal, but ethically produced…

We were also educated about the heartbreaking issue of child and forced labor prevalent in numerous cacao farms globally. Sweet CaCao however, knows exactly where their cacao comes from – in fact, they could take you directly to the farm that produces their cacao in Colombia, and know that they practice safe and ethical farming.

The shop sources its beans from sustainable chocolate farms that prioritize fair trade practices, supporting farmers and ensuring the highest quality of all ingredients sold in their shop. Their truffles and cheesecake carry a premium price for a reason: you truly get what you pay for, as they maintain an unwavering commitment to quality without compromise.

A Year in Truffles

At Sweet Cacao in Thomasville, truffle making transcends mere confectionery to become a fine art. Annually, the shop crafts an impressive 200,000 truffles, with a remarkable 30,000 of these masterpieces created in December alone to celebrate the holiday season.

Each truffle is meticulously handcrafted, embodying precision and care in every detail. In the beginning, completing the entire chocolate-making process took days, a reality that changed with the arrival of Sue. Dena had diligently saved for a new Subaru but recognized the need to invest in proper chocolate-making equipment to meet rising demand. Thus, “Sue” the tempering machine became part of the team instead of a Subaru. Not only does Sue ensure the chocolate is perfectly tempered, but she also eliminates any air bubbles in the truffles, extending the shelf life of each piece. An incredible investment!

Regarding demand, Katy mentioned, “we have a large regular base clientele from every day guests, to once a month guests, to those ‘I have to make it in the chocolate shop, once in a life time I’m in Thomasville’ guests! We have something for everyone, but we really love custom orders, whether it be for birthdays, holidays, celebrations or just a sweet gift for someone special!”

The Truffle Class: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

The truffle making class at Sweet Cacao is a must-do for any food enthusiast. Under the guidance of the expert chocolatier owners, we were led through the history, technique, and science behind truffle making, we even got to choose our own fillings from a selection of ganaches including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Savannah, and Key Lime.

The hands-on experience was not only educational but incredibly fun, allowing us to create our own beautiful masterpieces to take home. No one could believe that I made these beautiful, shiny, colorful, sweet treats! For anyone looking to deepen their appreciation of chocolate, or seeking a unique foodie experience, Sweet Cacao is a destination worth savoring.

Find Sweet CaCao in Thomasville at:
Socials – WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Address – 108 E Jackson St, Thomasville, GA 31792
Phone – (229) 236-2626


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