For Immediate Release – Tallahassee Local Ashley Chaney is Planning a New Restaurant Concept at Iconic Downtown Gathering Place

Tallahassee, FL — Ashley Chaney announced today a new woman-owned restaurant in development on the corner of South Adams and West Jefferson Street in downtown Tallahassee.

“I started my professional career in this iconic space, and I’ve celebrated many family milestones and friends’ birthdays at this very corner,” said Chaney, who finalized an agreement this week for her new restaurant. “I have a passion for serving others, and I can’t wait to complete a remodel, open the doors wide and welcome business professionals, families and students back to this downtown Tallahassee landmark.”

Just a stone’s throw away from the Florida State Capitol, City Hall and downtown businesses, the new restaurant will be an ideal meeting spot for professionals looking to network, discuss policy and make deals while breaking bread.

The restaurant will also bring couples to downtown in search of the perfect date spot. Students and their families can expect to celebrate birthdays, graduations and other major milestones at the new spot.

Chaney, who has lived in Tallahassee for more than 15 years, has a vested interest in seeing downtown Tallahassee thrive. She is not only an entrepreneur but also a wife and mother. By opening a woman-owned restaurant, she hopes to inspire her daughters to work hard. She and her husband, Chris, a partner at a local lobbying firm, are raising their two daughters in town. Penelope and Charlie are an inspiration and motivation for this new adventure.

“Chris and I are raising our daughters to be creative, to work hard and to find ways to support their community. This new restaurant is an intersection of all that for me,” says Chaney. “It’s an opportunity to follow my passion, put my experience to work and, in doing so, infuse more energy into our historic downtown.”

Chaney brings the expertise and experience to this new endeavor from her previous work as director of business development at a local hospitality and catering business. She has more than 20 years of experience in hospitality service and catering management. In fact, her career began at the very corner where her new restaurant will open. In 2007, Chaney joined Andy Reiss on his catering team at Andrew’s.

“It has been wonderful to see Ashley develop as a professional and now as an entrepreneur,” shared Reiss, owner of the building where the new restaurant will open. “Her work ethic, passion and fresh perspective will help downtown flourish. I am proud to see her take the helm and embark on this exciting new chapter. I wish her and her team all the best.”

Chaney’s vision for the new restaurant extends beyond the building walls. She hopes to encourage and foster the development of Tallahassee’s broader downtown scene with more foot traffic, support for neighboring businesses and community gatherings beyond the legislative session.

Chaney has teamed up with a nationally renowned firm to develop the restaurant brand, with an eye toward honoring the corner’s history and important role in the Capital City. She is working with local architects and construction teams to remodel the venue. She aims to welcome guests in before the end of 2023.

News Release, courtesy of Red Hills Strategies


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