Tallahassee Spicy Food Roundup for International Spicy Food Day!

I’ve always wanted to come up with an exciting and creative way to celebrate the fun National and International Food Holidays! They’re quirky, creative, and may lead to some amazing “new to us” finds in Tallahassee. First up, we looking for Hot and Spicy food in Tallahassee to celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day next Tuesday, January 16th!

To take it next level with fun engagement, I asked our Tallahassee Foodies Facebook Group members to help me find the best, or in this case, the fieriest flavors Tallahassee has to offer!🔥

Sooo if you’re into food that hurts, here is our Tallahassee Hot and Spicy food roundup that took top spots for heat in our poll.  Give them a try if you’re brave enough, and then report back on how it felt to dive into bites that ignites a fiery burst of flavors lol.

For your viewing pleasure, here are pics of the top 3 on the heat scales, images courtesy of Reangthai (top left), Lemongrass (top right), and Royal Thai and Sushi (bottom)!

Hot and Spicy Foods in Tallahassee

  • (41%) Reangthai – monkey wings/pad thai (thai hot)
  • (21%) Royal Thai and Sushi – Thai hot green chicken curry or pad Thai
  • (11%) Lemongrass – Korean wings (kinda sweet + spicy, excellent for a spice wuss like me)
  • (10%) San Miguel – Shrimp a la Mexicana (ask for spicy)
  • (10%) Bahn Thai – Red Curry
  • ( 5%) Flavor Treasure – Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup
  • ( 1%) Burger Barn – Waboo Burger
  • ( 1%) Midtown Caboose – Wings with Mango Habanero Sauce

Our fellow member Emily Campbell Webster gave us all a laugh when she commented, “so I ordered a noodle dish from Reangthai once and said level 7 spice….. It was so hot my mouth was on fire… they asked what spice level we wanted – one to FIVE! I had ordered a SEVEN totally unaware they used 1-5. They must have heard 7 and thought I wanted to die.  It was fantastic, but I think my lips went numb.”

To check out our ongoing poll, or to add to it, please visit us at our Tallahassee Foodies Facebook Group!

I hope you enjoyed our hot and spicy foods in Tallahassee roundup. I hope to host many more of these, so if there’s a topic or cuisine you’d like us to feature, please let me know in the comments below.


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