Thank you so much to everyone that braved the tropical storm (breeze & drizzle) to join us for our 10K members’ sugary sweet meetup. In case you hadn’t heard, our “little” Tallahassee Foodies Facebook group hit 10,000 members, and to celebrate, SōDOUGH invited us out to their bakery AND donated a beautiful cake to our get together. This was such a fun meet-and-greet! Several SōDOUGH newbies showed up, so I was happy to fill them in on all my menu favorites (my list is long – banana pudding with a lightly salted graham crunch, ganache confetti brioche donut, bacon and chive quiche, basil lemonade)!

Just for a moment, I really want to offer you all a very heart-felt thank you for joining me in this journey. I started the group to keep up with lunch break friends at my previous job, and before I knew it, we had 100 members chiming in with suggestions, that quickly turned into 1,000, and then over the summer, we hit some sort of high-speed tipping point that quickly jumped to 10,000 members!

The enthusiasm about our group throughout Tallahassee has been pretty remarkable. I don’t think you all have any idea how much of an impact we have had on the local economy. We were even a main topic at the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce’s annual presentation!

It has been such a joy to hear from local restaurant owners about the traffic that has walked in their doors thanks to our referrals. These conversations are so “feel good” because we are all part of a pretty cool movement. Beyond just going to an event or an establishment that we heard about from the group, I feel like we’re all actually getting out more! Member conversations have definitely led to an awareness on all that Tallahassee has to offer, so I know I am hopping in my car way more than ever before, excited to try something new on a date night or with friends. It’s been such a fun ride!

Also, a super huge thank you to SōDOUGH for the beautiful custom cake they donated to our celebration. My mom and I agree that its the best cake we’ve ever had, and like nothing else we’ve ever had before. They stenciled out and cut a cake in the shape of the 10K, layered over a larger base, and then topped with fresh fruit, flowers and yummy macaroons. I immediately asked them to pencil me in to their schedule for my daughter’s birthday cake next week! SōDOUGH, we appreciate you donating a space for us to gather, a delicious cake, and your hospitality.

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