I have a pretty exciting announcement for you all, that in my opinion, is going to be a game changer for SōDOUGH and the entire Midtown area.

The newly formed neighborly Midtown duo, Jeri Madden of Jeri’s Midtown Café and Jason McArthur of Argonaut Coffee, have now expanded into a trifecta collab across the street at SōDOUGH Baking Co.!  I always say, when people come together in the spirit of collaboration vs. competition, AMAZING things can happen!  It didn’t take long for all of these Midtown neighbors to jump right into a tasty food and beverage partnership.

So, if you’re keeping up with all the latest, we recently reported that Jason McArthur of Argonaut Coffee had not only expanded into the space formerly occupied by Lucy and Leo’s above Midtown Reader, but he also features small bites prepared by Jeri’s Midtown Café, his neighbor on the lower level and outdoor patio. You can also order Argonaut Coffee selections directly from your table at Jeri’s Midtown Café.  

Shortly after our Argonaut Coffee + Jeri’s Midtown Café announcement, Jeri jumped right into a position at SōDOUGH Baking Co., spreading all that “love on a plate” spirit into their sweet treats bakery.  And now, Jeri is bringing Jason’s Argonaut Coffee creations right along with her to offer up his unique, specialty SōDRINKS menu at SōDOUGH, including Argonaut’s much talked about chai lattes, coffee, Cuban beverages, signature and specialty drinks, smoothies, frappes and more!

Of this newly formed collaboration, Matt Thompson of For the Table Hospitality, managing partner of SōDOUGH Baking Co. said, “We have known for a while we needed to upgrade our coffee program and Argonaut proposed a partnership that benefitted both brands. We are excited about the growth that is possible because Jason and his team really know their stuff. We have already seen tremendous feedback from guests in just a few days.”

And here, we have an exclusive first look at the new SōDRINKS beverage menu at SōDOUGH:

I love this trifecta collab, all of my favorite things, but different enough at each place that you can allow the food, beverage, and experience you’re looking for guide where you land. 

Looking for shrimp, grits, a patio experience with an after lunch hit of Argonaut Coffee, then Jeri’s Midtown Café is your go to!  Looking for a quiet, indoor space to read a book and get a bit of work done on your laptop? Jump in at Argonaut Coffee on the top floor of Midtown Reader (PS – they have a beer and wine menu coming this Summer).  Interested in that latest bun of the month, a donut, and a SōDRINKS specialty beverage, then look no further than SōDOUGH to get this amazing combo.

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