Thanks so much to Alan Hanstein for our first look inside Rootstock Pours + Plates. A couple of weeks ago, he shared this exciting update:

“Breaking News! (Maybe?) – I saw an event posted today and it listed a venue I had never heard of – “Rootstock”, so I did some digging and it turns out it’s the old 228 location under Andrew’s. I went in and talked to someone today and he said that it will be ‘an uspscale wine and cheese type place’. Based on the name I’m thinking some farm-to-table tie-ins. He said they would be open by the end of the month. Stay tuned!!”

And now that he’s made it in the doors before their grand opening on October 3rd (because that’s what the Mayor of Tallahassee does), Alan shared this update today:

“Awesome KCCI kickoff event at the new Rootstock downtown (under Andrew’s) And yes, I got the first drink ever served at the bar – an Old Fashioned of course. Food and Bar were fantastic. A great new addition to downtown Tallahassee!”

Thank you so much Alan, as always, for the wonderful updates and beautiful pics of Rootstock Pours + Plates. I can’t wait to stop by sometime soon.


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