I’m pretty sure we’ve found our spot! Thanks to the group, we’ve discovered SO many restaurants that are new to us, and there are so many more we want to try. Once we’ve toured them all, there are a few that I’m sure we’ll keep in regular rotation, and Mimi’s Table is one of them. I’m not declaring it my favorite in all the land… just yet, but it’s damn near close to the top of my list!

I always go where the group takes me, but there were three places tied at the top of my “to try next list”. They are all so highly recommended, so I reached out asking members which one I should try next. Once again, based on the responses, I still couldn’t decide because the comments were so favorable towards each option; however, I had a couple of industry professionals reach out to me in private messages that have no affiliation with the restaurant whatsoever, and they both said my night out had to be to Mimi’s! Mimi’s Table, located nearly adjacent to Uptown Cafe, is intimate and sweet, serving up amazing food, wine, and excellent service (ask for Edward)!

We opted to do a lounge, drink, and feast situation and just kept ordering throughout the evening. We were greeted at the table with a chile glazed shrimp that was incredible, and for my shrimp-allergic husband, they brought out a slice of basil and feta watermelon. These samples were such a nice gesture and starter to our dining experience.

Since I’m all about a charcuterie board, and apparently so is the rest of the group, I knew that had to mark the beginning of our experience at Mimi’s. This board was loaded with salami, prosciutto, duck leg confit, spicy ground mustard, roasted garlic, and a side of white cheddar and cranberry preserves. The unexpected star of this board was pickled watermelon rind. I worked a taste into every meat and cheese combination that landed on my baguettes. We also had our tomato basil soup from the specials menu brought out with the charcuterie, followed by their Farm House Salad, and both were so very delicious!

Next we ordered the “highly recommended at the group” fried oysters. My husband asked our server to please put in a request to start bottling the remoulade sauce to sell. He doesn’t care for capers (I love!), but he sure was eating them smothered in that sauce lol.

We cook at home most nights, and it tends to be easy land lovers recipes, so when we dine out, I usually opt for seafood. I can’t remember the last time I ordered pasta, and wow, you can taste the difference when you are served fresh homemade fettuccine. The white wine, butter, garlic Parmesan sauce and the muscles were amazing, but really, my focus was on the pasta. They’ve inspired me to try my own at home sometime because fresh is drastically better.

My husband, again shrimp allergy, really wanted to try the Summer Seafood Grill and the chef was nice enough to leave off the shrimp, while adding in extra scallops and crab. Would you look at that beautiful dish smothered in sea scallops, fresh lump blue crab, grilled corn, grilled onions, peppers, roasted tomato, roasted potatoes, arugula, white wine, lime and basil? It tastes just as good as it looks!

For dessert, as you all may know by now, I only order chocolate. I had the decadent brownie, served warm so my crème fraîche quickly melted, but the flavor was still there and was so delicious. My husband had the crisp apple tart, and my friend that we joined for desserts had the key lime pie.

Find Mimi’s Table at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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