Can we all agree that Smoothie Time is definitely having a moment at the group? My friend April went in the other day and sent me a very enthusiastic text afterwards. She let the owner Erick know she heard about Smoothie Time from our group, and he responded that they have experienced a major upswing in traffic and sales due to your recommendations. In fact, speaking of traffic, one woman literally checked our group while stuck in traffic, saw a recommendation for Smoothie Time, and decided to pull over and give them a try! We really are making a difference in the local economy, and you all should be so proud of yourselves.

I made it a point to get out there the very next day and I’m so happy I did. I usually go where the group goes, and I usually order what the group suggests. I have seen their chicken salad sandwich raved about again and again, along with their Bub’s PB Blast Smoothie, so that’s what I ordered. Oh my word, it was all so delicious and so filling. I opted for my chicken salad, a 100 year old recipe by the way, on a croissant and it was buttery flaky perfection! If you caught on that the smoothies in the pictures look like they are from different orders, that’s because I went back for more the very next day. They are crave-worthy!

While chatting with Abby, a nurse and half of the “husband and wife” duo that owns Smoothie Time, I learned that they truly are a family run business. Everyone on their team has known Erick, Abby’s husband for decades. In fact, many of their menu items have family names worked in, and you may even meet one of their kids delivering your smoothie.

Erick, a die hard Seminole fan and finance director for the past seven years, was just waiting for the right business opportunity to present itself. With an entrepreneurial spirit in his DNA, he decided the time was right to launch their business with the Smoothie Time truck, followed by their brick-and-mortar store in June.

Abby has been hard at work perfecting their smoothie formula over time. She said, there was “lots of trial and error before hitting the sweet spot to making delicious, velvety-smooth smoothies with no syrups, no purées, and no ice! All of our fruit smoothies are ice-free.” If you’ve ever attempted smoothies at home, then you know getting the formula right is far from easy, but oh my word, they got it just right. We have now tried four different blends and they are all smooth, rich, and full of flavor.

Smoothie Time is located next door to Beef O’Bradys, near the corner of Appalachee Parkway and Capital Circle, and is open from 8am to 8pm everyday! It’s the former location of Catalina Cafe and although a walking group was bummed to see their Catalina go, they finally gave Smoothie Time a try, fell in love, and now visit them for a smoothie every Monday morning. It’s definitely a nice place to relax and enjoy their menu.

Find Smoothie Time at – Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Smoothie times makes the best smoothies in the nation, if you haven’t been by there yet you’ve got to try it for breakfast, lunch or dinner they are open 8-8. You don’t know what you have a taste for…. Tell Erick what’s your favorite and he will hook you right up!!!!!! I will see you all in the morning for breakfast.


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