While I am so grateful for every Perk that has ever come our way, there is something so extra special about this collaboration! 

I am a huge supporter of the FSU Little Dinner Series – I am so moved by the talent of these young, ambitious hospitality students, and have shared about this exceptional event a few times over the years when I’ve been lucky enough to score a couple of tickets. 

I am honored that a major University, my alma mater, is interested in this incredible collaboration – access to the Summer FSU Little Dinner Series is exclusive to our All Access Foodies supporters.

Mark your calendars and set your reminders – tickets go on sale this upcoming Monday, June 3rd at 12:30pm at our All Access Foodies profile. Seating is limited and not guaranteed, so please review all of our available Perks before you sign up.

A Note From the Dedman College of Hospitality:

Hello friends, fans, and supporters of the Little Dinner Series:

This is Zach Weston, and many of you know me from the dinners as Chef Zach. We are finalizing plans for our summer semester, and I want to keep you all informed of what we’re up to.

First, a quick background – our event capacity is based on student enrollment in the class, and summer always has the lowest numbers. Most students leave campus for summer, and many others use summers to complete their required hospitality internships. So, while we’re proud to have such rigorous standards for our graduates, it leaves us with a team of just 18 students this summer. In order to perform to our standards, we reduce capacity at each dinner proportionately.

We understand that interest in our events far exceeds our seating capacity, and we feel it most in the summer. Believe me, we are beyond grateful for the love and support we receive from the community year after year. It has been absolutely humbling to see the Little Dinner Series grow over the years.

With all this in mind, we have decided to partner with Tallahassee Foodies for the upcoming summer series. We are collaborating with this group to continue building relationships in the community, and to create a new scholarship fund at the Dedman College. Tickets for this summer series will have a price increase attached, the proceeds of which will create the new scholarship. We are committed to ensuring that our students’ success remains at the forefront of our efforts.

The Little Dinner Series will be back to our normal operating procedures in the fall, with a full line-up of 10 uniquely themed events open to the entire Tallahassee community. This is not the beginning of a new era. Rather, it is a one-off partnership that we are excited to engage in. While we recognize that change can bring about concerns, we feel that this approach for the summer semester is in the best interest of our students and community.

We look forward to resuming our full schedule of events in the fall and spring, and as always, we will continue to prioritize clear and transparent communication about our operations.

Thank you again for supporting the Little Dinner Series. It truly means everything to us. You make it possible each semester for our students at the Dedman College of Hospitality to have the experience of serving you at events of their own design.

Best regards,

Chef, Little Dinner Series


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