Merv’s Closes, As Owner Focuses On Thriving RGHG Brands

Merv's Meltshop Tallahassee Restaurant Closes

Content and image c/o Brad Buckenheimer at our TallahasseeFoodies Facebook Group.

Hi Everyone!

We have just celebrated our 5-year anniversary, and we would like to announce that we will be closing our doors. We are thankful for our time we spent with you all and we appreciate your business over the years. While we know some of you have grown to enjoy our sandwiches, the past year was a whirlwind of growth with the Canopy Road Café brand across Florida. In order to prepare for the next few years and to make sure we also have time for our families, the decision was easy. Our involvement with our brewpub concept at Proof Brewing Company has big plans for the fall, so believe me when I tell you we have plenty to do 🙂

Restaurant closures are a hot topic on social media and we are aware there will be some discussion on what happened with us. The owners were just busy with other commitments and ready to move on to other adventures, similar in the way a band breaks up amicably. We hope that the conversations remain pleasant and focus on good times. We take pride in our work and this kind of stuff is never fun. While we are sad to end it, we are more relieved as we look to the future. We are happy to announce that the majority of our employees will be going to work at our other locations. We aren’t the kinds of people to leave any of our family high and dry. We are very blessed and fortunate to have such great employees that allow us to have so many other successful restaurants where they can be placed and continue to make a living with us. We will be able to strengthen our operations in the Tallahassee market as well as across the state with extra great employees to help them run better. It allows David and myself and our executive team to develop exciting and fun new brands for Tallahassee to enjoy.

Currently we are working on new plans that have developed for a second off site location for our Brewpub concept, Proper. We are developing a new healthy eating concept that we think is going to be a big hit (think bowls, salads, raw organic foods) and is more accustomed to our lifestyle in our thirties. We like to develop stuff we eat and enjoy ourselves, after all. Our metabolism isn’t good enough to eat all this stoner, munchies food anyway LOL We are opening three additional CRC stores in our new markets of Tampa and Jacksonville with a flagship store being in Neptune Beach (see attached pictures). 2020 will bring Destin and St. Petersburg stores as well. And who knows, there may be another reincarnation of Merv’s later on down the road in a much smaller footprint (Think 800 sq ft sandwich counter) that has also been discussed. Even MORE excited news is that we are in the process of franchising TWO new-to-market concepts, one of which was considered direct competition to Merv’s (what could it be?) that we will be rolling out in the fall of 2020. We are beyond stoked.

Best part tho?? The top selling sandwiches will be going on the menus at both Proof Brewing Company and Canopy Road Cafe on our new fall menus… Frenchie, Roscoe, Cali Chicken Club… I mean cmon. The frenchie is like a work of art.

All of this cool stuff is basically fueled and funded by all of our amazing and wonderful Tallahassee customers who have been so loyal and gracious allowing us to serve them. We are both graduates of Florida State along with our wives. We both have made a wonderful living and home here in Tallahassee. We love you all, and we hope you enjoy this next phase of RGHG. Stay tuned to our FB and IG posts for new unveilings and announcements coming soon! Cheers!!


Brad Buckenheimer – Founder + CEO
Rise + Grind Hospitality Group

Find Canopy Road Café at – Website, Instagram and Facebook.


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