One of my first blog posts ever for featured my first visit ever to Savour. Savour was also new at that time, so I feel like we came up together. Their menu is always unique, interesting, and they change it just enough that you get to try something new each time you visit.

Thank you so much to Savour for your creativity last weekend! Somehow my friend and I thought we could bar hop downtown until every restaurant we walked into was fully booked up, including every barstool. I’m so very happy to see restaurants doing big business again!

Kim McLeod was wonderful as always, greeting every guest that walked in and made a small space for us in the front area with two comfy chairs and a little table, perfect for a girl’s night of drinks and appetizers.

From their special drink menu, we both had the Superman, a bourbon and muddled strawberry medley that was amazing! For some reason, I’m on a kick of bourbon or tequila with muddled fruit drinks lately.

We also had crunchy tuna tacos with soy marinated yellow fin tuna poke, cabbage slaw, and “yummier” sauce.

The crazy amazing new addition, honey and bourbon burnt ends with smoked beef tenderloin, local mushrooms, caramelized onion, and grilled garlic ciabatta.

And the Burrata with roasted Florida beets, pecans, chard curly kale finished with a pecan and champagne emulsion.

Chef Brian Knepper, killing it as always! He is so stuck with us, because wherever he goes throughout his amazing career in Tallahassee, we have always followed!

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