Our first date night in six months (no kids, yay) was so well played at Savour my foodie friends! The service was excellent, the food was some of the best I’ve ever had. I was gushing with every bite. I was stuffed from the wedge salad and shrimp and grits I had devoured, yet still somehow found a way to make room for an entire piece of flourless chocolate espresso cake. I just couldn’t stop!

I never ever turn down shrimp and grits and I’m so glad I went for it from their specials menu. It was an interesting mix of grits, onion, carrot, collard greens, and shrimp, and I wish I knew what was in the broth because it was unreal. The mix of flavors and textures paired perfectly together. My husband who is allergic to shrimp stared at my every bite in envy.

I was hesitant to order the flourless chocolate and espresso cake because I don’t care for desserts with a coffee flavoring to it, but this cake did not taste like espresso at all. It had just enough to give it depth of flavor and was the most rich delicious chocolate cake Ive ever had. Besides shrimp and grits, flourless chocolate cake is also my thing, so I was a very happy girl last night.

My husband had the crab stack, grouper imperial, and granny smith apple pie. I can’t really speak for his dishes because I was too busy devouring my own, but he very much enjoyed his meal.

Sidenote – Funny how our little Facebook group is bringing people together because I recognized Rick Oppenheim and Drew D. McLeod (owner) both of whom I had never met before, I already knew Brian Knepper (executive chef) who was nice enough to step away from his busy evening to say hello to us, and Ryan Cohn our neighbor with his lovely wife dining right next to us. I also ran into Lindsay, her and I worked together at outback for John Schrowang so many years ago. It was like an unintentional foodies meetup. We don’t get out much because we have two little kids, so I was very surprised to recognize so many faces last night. What a great evening!

Find Savour at – Website, Instagram, and Facebook.


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