Twenty four amazing All Access Foodies joined together for an incredible evening of food, beverage, and community at Jeri’s Midtown Cafe for our third ever Secret Dinner. We had so much fun spending time together.

Our third Secret Dinner sold out in under one minute, unbelievable!!! Our goal was to bring something new, fun and adventurous to Tallahassee, and I think we accomplished that mission!

3 Elements To Our Secret Dinner – 

  1. members pay up front with zero knowledge of where they’re going
  2. members receive an email with the address the day of the event
  3. members are given a custom, prix fixe menu upon arrival

Our Secret Dinner At Jeri’s Midtown Cafe

I love that every Secret Dinner that we’ve hosted has similar elements of beautifully plated courses delivered at the same time, an intro to the restaurant and each dish by the chef, and a community experience, but then we also try to customize the experience a bit per the character of each establishment. For Jeri’s Midtown Cafe, we had a social moment with stations of charcuterie, pimento cheeses, and fun sips, followed by an amazing meal including a few off the menu items that were incredible!

Jeri and I had a vision of seating guests on her cozy patio on a beautiful summer evening under her twinkling outdoor lights, but the weather had other plans. The way that Jeri set up our social moment and dinner inside her sweet cafe, you would have thought that the outdoors were never an option – it felt perfectly planned all along. It was also fun to witness the talented chef and kitchen staff prep our meals as we gathered around chatting with one another.

Quick note before you scroll on – Secret Dinners are exclusive for our All Access Foodies only. Check out our previous Secret Dinners to catch up on all the fun we’ve had together so far!

Massive photo dump and more details ahead….

The ultimate goal of our Secret Dinner series is to 1. bring a new concept to Tallahassee 2. introduce All Access Foodies subscribers to restaurants that are either new to them, or menu items that they may have never tried, and 3. spend some time at a long table together, building community.

What I love best about these Secret Dinners is the creativity that goes into the custom menus – offering menu favorites, as well as moments for the chef to go off script and play, serving dishes that are a bit more distinct than their fare we all know and love. 

Besides offering up some of her fan favorite menu items, Jeri also served a twist on her smoked gouda grits by serving massive blackened jumbo shrimp over grit cakes, a Roasted Filet & Mediterranean Fish that you can only get at this Secret Dinner, and we also got to taste test a dessert that Jeri is thinking about adding to her menu. She offered up slices of Strawberry Blueberry Shortcake, asked for our feedback, and it was incredibly delicious. Add it to the menu, Jeri!!!

Jeri’s Midtown Cafe Secret Dinner Menu:

Social Moment Starters
Grab A Drink! The Pimento Cheese, Pasta Salad, Hoppin’ John, Charcuterie And Caprese Skewers Are On The Way!

Jeri’s Wonder Salad
Olive Tapenade, Hoppin’ John, English Cucumbers, Red & Yellow Peppers, Avocado, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Romaine, Choice Of Dressing

Collard Soup
A Savory Scratch-Made Sausage & Seasonal Peas Collard Soup Garnished With A Fresh Petit Blueberry Muffin

Smoked Gouda Grits & Shrimp
Smoked Gouda Grits, Blackened Jumbo Shrimp, Cajun Cream Sauce, Herb Garnish, Tribeca Baguette Slice

Roasted Filet & Mediterranean Fish
Duo Of Roasted Filet & Mediterranean Fish With Confit Roasted Tri-Colored Fingerlings

Strawberry Blueberry Shortcake

For our Secret Dinners series, we hope to offer a wide array of cuisines from multicultural backgrounds, ranging from super casual to elegant wine pairing dinners!

What an incredible experience! Thank you so much to Jeri and the entire Jeri’s Midtown Cafe team for the amazing, huge portions of delicious food, unique, refreshing beverages, and wonderful service, to Dave Barfield of Lonely Fox Photography for these incredible images, and to our All Access Foodies for joining us for such a fun-filled, beautiful evening.  

Secret Dinners are exclusive for our All Access Foodies only. For as little as $5 per month, you receive access to our private deals page, monthly perks, and first access to exclusive events. Funding pays for blog hosting, newsletter expenses, and the articles that help give back to our local community.

Find Jeri’s Midtown Cafe at:
Socials – WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Address – 1840 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone – (850) 523-1494

Find Dave Barfield of Lonely Fox Photography at:
Socials – WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Phone – (850) 583-1824


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