Ahhhh, more multicultural cuisine in Tallahassee, just bursting with flavor! This week I jumped from a greek feast at Yasou, to a fusion of Indo-Chinese culinary flavors at Aaru’s!

Have you all been to Aarus yet? If not, what are you waiting for??? Located at 1108 S. Magnolia Street, just off of Appalachee Parkway, theyโ€™re not far from my home and I LOVE their outdoor porch on a beautiful fall day!

This is another place where we come in hungry and load up on SO many things!  Two apps, two entrees, garlic naan, and a tasty Mango Lassi. 

We started with the Vegetable Spring Rolls, a must order every time we go – crispy wrappers with vegetables, bamboo shoots, soy sauce, beans, and a Thai chili sweet sauce.  We also had the Bombay Tacos – chicken stuffed tacos served with sour cream and iceberg with hot sauce.  Wow, these tacos are an incredible mix of flavors, and I need to go back for those tacos as just a snack, but who are we kidding, I go there and load up every time!

For our entree, I had the Chicken Tikka Masala – soft chicken pieces in creamy tomato sauce with diced veggies, my husband had the Chicken Jalfrezi – chicken pieces in fresh homemade spices with veggies, both served with a side of rice. We also always add on the garlic naan, 1. because itโ€™s so delicious, and 2. because I take bites of rice and naan here and there to kill a little of that heat from everything else on my plate. I love the heat, but also love to balance it out a bit!

If youโ€™re wondering about the bright orange beverage, it’s the Mango Lassi – a blend of yogurt, mango and cardamom. I always want to savor this delicious beverage, but I suck them down because theyโ€™re so tasty and refreshing. There’s something about that cardamom mixed in with the other sweet ingredients that makes this drink so addictive!

I wanted to include a few pictures from a previous visit as well! Everything we’ve ever tried at Aaru’s has been fantastic, bursting with flavor! We started with the Vegetable Spring Rolls, of course, and the Chicken Lollipops, frenched crispy chicken winglet sautรฉed served hot with Schezwan sauce. My husband had the Bombay Chicken Dosa (above and the banner image over the palm leaf) and I had Indian Butter Chicken, mmmmmm. It’s so crave worthy!

Disclosure – Thank you so much to Chetana for gifting our meal.  Iโ€™ve been talking to her in DM for years now as weโ€™ve collaborated on so many things together (BINGO, Blitzes, Visit Tallahassee directories).  As I went to pay, she quickly showed her face from under her mask while outside, revealed that it was her at our table all along, and refused to take my money. I’m not sure if she recognized me from my profile pic, or maybe the name on my credit card, since I never mention that I’m with Foodies.  She said the gift was in appreciation for all of the promos I’ve managed throughout pandemic that have helped out so many small businesses. It was such a super kind gesture, thank you Chetana!

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