It’s been a roller coaster few days for Donut Kingdom, but they seem to be ending on a high note! As has been widely circulating social media, Donut Kingdom, one of our local faves for donuts, was dropped by N2 sweets. Lots of debate ensued over the decision, but I’m happy to share that just days later, they were picked up by The Hideaway, located behind (and shared by the same owner of) Waterworks on Thomasville Road.

Shared at The Hideaway’s Facebook page, “A (delicious) match made in heaven. The Hideaway now serves Donut Kingdom Donuts!”. The Hideaway has been making its rounds at our Facebook Group, most recently members shared some beautiful pics of their brunch selections. Have you been?

Find The Hideaway at – Instagram and Facebook.
Find Donut Kingdom at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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