So guess what. A brand new graduate from Florida State University, literally just had his name called from a virtual graduation ceremony, has decided to open a restaurant during these crazy crazy times! Max Winger is braving the job force straight out of college, by opening his very own restaurant! After taking a look at his menu, I’m beyond excited about Fly By Philly’s, opening on May 23rd!

Max, originally from Orlando, just graduated from FSU with a degree in economics. He’s always loved being in the kitchen and has worked kitchen jobs since he was 14. “I always knew I wanted to open my own concept. Through my senior year I worked and saved a ton to make it all happen and after graduating, and everything happening with COVID, I decided to turn down my interviews and job offers for finance and economics and put it all on the line!”, said Max. He continued, “I think Tally is dying for a great Philly place and I’m ready to bring it! I really had a blast developing the menu, starting with some philly classics, (“wiz wit, provi witout” etc.), and then just getting creative and having fun with the rest! I really love what I’m doing and can’t wait to serve some great food to Tallahassee!”

Max is living the dream. He’s officially a licensed restaurant owner and is looking forward to bringing some brotherly love to Tallahassee. He has spent many long days and nights getting the kitchen ready, preparing to make this happen. To see his dream come to fruition, he says, “I’d do it all over again a million times. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity and to share some great food with the city I love”.

Check out Fly By Philly’s on the corner of Tennessee and Magnolia, for their grand opening on May 23rd. They’re available for pick-up and delivery from 11am-11pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Find Flyby Philly’s at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.



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