Hey Foodie Friends, it’s officially Summer!!! Welcome to our first edition of a brand new series here at Tallahassee Foodies – Boozy Tuesdays.

As the name suggests, every Tuesday this Summer, we’ll be serving up a new summer cocktail recipe to accompany those fresh and tasty dishes you’ll be making at home all season!

To amp up this series and take advantage of what Tallahassee has to offer, I’ve enlisted the help of our favorite pro local bartenders that know EXACTLY how to whip up a custom cocktail.

When I pitched this summer beverage idea to a few local establishments, Charlie Park jumped in and offered up the first 8 rounds of our “fun in the sun” beverage series!

What do I know about this “new kid on the block” food and bev rooftop establishment? They are already well known for their expertly crafted cocktails, brought to you by their very own bar manager and local mixologist, Dalton Bedard.

And what do I love about this series kick off? Beyond highlighting a local establishment and local bartender, they chose to feature Ology Distilling’s very own London Dry Gin, something you’ll find worked into many of their cocktails at Charlie Park. I love locals supporting locals! It’s a wonderful thing.

Courtesy of Dalton:

“Lady in White” is a sophisticated riff on the modern classic, the White Negroni.

The perfect aperitivo for a summer day in Tallahassee, this gin-based libation utilizes the subtle complexities of Suze, a gentian based Swiss liqueur, in combination with chamomile tea infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth to create a harmony of flavour that can only be described as intensely versatile.

Easily made in the comforts of your own home, this drink is sure to serve as the perfect missing piece for your next event.

Lady in White

“Lady in White” is a sophisticated riff on the modern classic, the White Negroni.


  • 45 ml 1.5oz Ology London Dry Gin
  • 45 ml 1.5oz Chamomile tea infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth
  • 15 ml .5oz Suze gentian liqueur
  • 5 bags of chamomile tea


  • To infuse the vermouth, you'll need 5 bags of chamomile tea per one bottle of Dolin Blanc Vermouth. Steep for 24 hours for best results.
  • Stir all ingredients over ice and strain onto a large cube.
  • Garnish with a lemon swath braid.

Drink by: @intent_to_imbibe and @cap10crunch
Garnish by: @thatagmartins
Visit the pros at: @CharlieParkRooftop
Photo by: @pablogabes

Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Charlie Park. Sponsorships help pay for my blog expenses, so that I may continue to offer our readers more fun posts like this Boozy Tuesday cocktail recipe. Thank you for supporting us, so that we may support our locals.


  1. I am so excited for this series. Myself and 3 friends do a girls weekend in Islamorada every year for my birthday we missed 2020. I always bring a welcome drink and always try to find a new refreshing cocktail. This might be the winner but I will follow them all!

    • OH I love this so much! How fun! If you make a drink (or two or more ;), please take a pic and tag me on FB or IG. I’d love to see 🙂


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