C|G Margaritas & Cocina in Midtown is new, already improved, and ready to serve!

They’ve endured four months of growth from all that comes along with opening a brand new restaurant, and four months of growth from all that comes along with opening a new restaurant during a pandemic, and now the owners are so excited about the future of their newest location, C|G Margaritas & Cocina in Midtown.

C|G Margaritas & Cocina, located at 800 Thomasville Road in Midtown, is the new, slightly more upscale restaurant than its casual predecessor located on Appalachee Parkway. Casa Grande has heard your feedback and made improvements to the speed of their customer service, as well as a few upgrades to their food and beverage menu. It just keeps getting better!

Just like the original Casa Grande, the owners are always finding out what the next new things is to offer in Mexican cuisine, and they always come through with the latest trends for Tallahassee!

I had a chance to sit down with the owners, Genaro Ramírez and Claudia Oseguera recently to chat about their latest establishment in Midtown, and what initially led them to becoming restaurant owners here in Tallahassee.

Claudia and Genaro are both from Mexico and have been best friends since kindergarten!  Genero moved to the United States ahead of Claudia and invited her to spend some time with him on her vacations.  They fell in love and the next thing you know, her visit to the States became a permanent residence. 

After working as servers for a few years, they took a chance on opening a place of their own called  TACOTOTE  in Governor’s Square Mall. This experience encouraged them to expand beyond the mall, and 10 years ago last week, they opened the much loved, always busy, Casa Grande on Appalachee Parkway. 

“The original Casa Grande is a restaurant where people come to laugh and enjoy food together, created by my love and passion.  I call it my happy place, people really feel like it’s their home and that’s our first priority”, said Claudia

Images / Tan Edgerton for Tallahassee Foodies

While approaching their 10 year anniversary for the original Casa, Claudia and Genero decided the time was right for them to expand to a new Casa Grande, with a twist!  C|G Margaritas & Cocina in Midtown is a new concept of traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern touch and crafted margaritas.

Mexico is famous for their tequila so C|G Midtown now offers four different options of tequila, beyond “house”, and their menu has also made a few modern tweaks since their opening 4 months ago.

Another area they’ve already improved, delivering the same quick service and high quality ingredients you expect from the original Casa Grande.  Their opening came with the usual bumps in the road that most new businesses experience, and now their service, food, and beverage are all meeting their high standards and customers’ expectations. 

Claudia and Genero are such a hard working couple that LOVE to interact with customers, gaining their feedback along the way.  Claudia said of her restaurants, “We like to change the local expectations about what is a Mexican restaurant, which is why I never sleep, always looking for new and different ideas.”

If you haven’t seen the interior of the building, across from Whole Foods on Thomasville Road, it’s surprisingly massive. I love that although this concept is a bit more upscale than the casual Casa Grande on Apalachee Parkway, they still carried over some of the decor to continue a similar look and feel across locations.

They also have a large private room in the back, set up with AV equipment for your next event or party.

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