Tallahassee recently welcomed a new Mediterranean restaurant to town, Yasou Cafe, and they’re pulling in rave reviews at the group already! The cafe is named for the Greek equivalent of the toast “cheers”, and references good health.

Yasou Cafe certainly lives up to its name. Located near Southwood at 3551 Blairstone Rd., the restaurant serves fresh, healthy food with love. In fact, the concept behind the menu is “something tasty for everyone”.

Diners with varying food restrictions can all enjoy a meal at Yasou Cafe. The menu boasts familiar favorites like hummus, spanakopita, and shawarma, as well as modern twists like their “Shawaburger” or, for dessert, baklava ice cream. The owner notes that current COVID restrictions can’t stop diners from enjoying the full experience of Mediterranean travel and dining.

The restaurant embraces the theme of sharing community through food, and is designed and decorated with this Mediterranean theme in mind. Opening Yasou Cafe during the pandemic hasn’t been easy, though. When asked about these challenges, Owner George notes that, “I had to do a lot of manual work by myself to bring the look and feel that will reach directly into my customer’s hearts.”

He struggled through sleepless nights and ample stress as he carefully curated his menu. The recipes used in the restaurant “are not recipes you can pull offline, but recipes pulled from childhood.” He prides himself on a menu that is both healthy and tasty.

He wants his customers to nourish themselves as they eat, but he equally values them nourishing their relationships with one another as they gather together. His restaurant encourages this community-building, and his delicious menu items certainly complement his overall mission. Yasou Cafe’s website notes that their main goal is “to serve high-quality authentic Mediterranean food that’s fresh and affordable with fast, courteous service.” Furthermore, they pride themselves on their use of fresh ingredients, and they make all of their sauces fresh from scratch in house. Most importantly, they make all their food with love.

They also boast a unique tradition: “Frozen Beer” which consists of a regular ice-cold beer topped with a revolutionary “Frozen Head.” This icy swirl has the look of frozen yogurt, but is made entirely of beer. The frozen head keeps the beer underneath ice cold, and even lowers the beers temperature as you enjoy your refreshing beer. Foodies, head on over to Yasou Cafe and enjoy a warm plate of homemade Gyros or Falafel, and wash it all down with an icy cold frozen beer!

Find Yasou Café at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.



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