This is such a significant moment in time! At a time when there is so much racial unrest in our country, for the Today Show to highlight our efforts, our efforts of peace, love, support, and most of all positivity, it’s just the best feeling ever. I couldn’t possibly love Love Gurlie’s more than I already do. Dee tells me again and again he is going to make me proud, but as I assured him long before The Today Show came to visit us, “Dee, you already have”. I hope we’re making him proud as well.

I’ve been watching The Today Show since I was a little girl with my parents, back in the Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel days! So what did it take for their film crew to land in Tallahassee? This was such a group effort, an upward spiral of so many things coming together in the best way possible – me hitting that “Create Group” button in my basement two years ago, wondering what would come of this little “support local restaurants” Facebook community, you all rallying around your local favorites with your time, money, and energy, and Love Gurlie’s with those massive smiles, delicious fried Oreos, and a work ethic that landed Dee in the hospital on a scorching hot day in Florida this summer! Wow, this was all such an explosive combination, ALL based in positivity!

Who would have ever thought that the Oreos they were serving would become so symbolic of our movement together? There are people coming together from different sides of town, crossing paths for those sweet treats, with smiles on their faces, and it’s all such a cloud nine moment. And a big win for the city of Tallahassee, landing on a major news television show, for something so positive and uplifting! #oreosmatter my friends!

At Tallahassee Foodies, we’ve been doing our best to be more than words! We are an (influenced to shop local) action group that has put our time and money where it matters most – helping the majority of food establishments in Tallahassee survive this pandemic, while a few have shockingly thrived in these difficult times, and I’m just so proud of you all!

Special thanks to Liz Berisha with The Moore Agency, Facebook, and to The Today Show, for recognizing the power of a positive group, that shines a little light in these often dark cloud days! And to our amazing Tallahassee Foodies Facebook group moderators that help keep this train on the tracks! Becca Lynne, Tan Edgerton, April Wigsten, & Amanda Watson Howe. I’m camera shy, so thanks also to my husband J.H. Leale for speaking on our behalf, not that he needed to because The Gurlies and The Today Show did a damn good job of recognizing the “effort group”, Tallahassee Foodies, that helped spread this amazing energy throughout Tallahassee!

In case you’re one of the very few that may have missed it all, here is how it all unfolded, The Evolution of A Viral Sensation!

Find Gurlie’s Lemonade & Sweets at – Facebook and Instagram.


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