They’ve only been open a month, yet the Flour Blossom Bakery recommendations are already sweeping the group since their opening day! I finally made it in to say hi and I was amazed at their beautiful selection of cupcakes!

I NEVER go into an establishment and say I’m with Tallahassee Foodies, but I really wanted to get some pics of their cupcakes from outside of the glass, so I decided to introduce myself. I’m so happy I did because I had the best time chatting with owners Natalie and Michael, and they were so kind to let me get the pics I wanted for this post.

Years ago, they got their start by making cupcakes for soldiers. Once word got out about their delicious sweet treats, everyone wanted more from them. Eventually, they were making 20-30 cakes per week (yes, 20-30 cakes per week), and admit they never slept! They moved to Tallahassee a couple of years ago to be with family, and decided the time was right to open their own bakery.

I stepped in at 2:00pm and assumed, since they make cupcakes fresh daily, there would only be a small selection to choose from at this hour. I was so wrong! I took my pic of their cases above and very shortly after, they were bringing out tray after tray of fresh cupcakes. They had such a nice variety to choose from that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to take home. I ended up with a 7-pack including Chocolate Chocolate, S’mores, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, gluten-free Sprinkles, Strawberry, and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints!

Please go give a warm welcome to the lovely couple at Flour Blossom Bakery, located at the corner of Appalachee and Capital Circle behind Smoothie Time. If you need a special order, please call ahead, they are happy to accommodate!

Find Flour Blossom Bakery at โ€“ Instagram and Facebook.


  1. I dropped by on Friday and was surprised at the great variety. The Buckeye had icing that reminded me of my grandmother’s. The gluten free Lemon Blueberry was great. The cakes were airy and the icings were delicious. Nice folks, and my wife was thrilled.


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