If y’all are anything like us, we celebrate Friday night with pizza, Disney movies, popcorn and big boxes of movie candy. Lately, we’ve started up a Taco Tuesday tradition with the kids, which has led to another tasty night in our household. Today, Taco Tuesday, is a great time to try out a couple of Mexican options since we are featuring two this week for our blitz – Peppers and Tally Taco (view this week’s blitz deals)!

I finally made it out to the Tally Taco food truck after all the buzz in the group, and oh my goodness, it was amazing. I literally have friends that are hitting this truck every single week, sometimes multiple times per week, because the food is so affordable, authentic, and delicious!

Tally Taco has only been open for six months, but they are quickly becoming a staple in Tallahassee! Located near the former Earthfare building, look for the big blue truck parked between Pappa’s Diner and Orchid Thai Sushi Bar, in a small lot on Appalachee Parkway with plenty of outdoor seating.

I loved this experience because I got to know the owner and her daughters a little bit better. This is a full on local, family owned business. The dad works the food inside of the truck – he used to work at a popular Mexican restaurant for 18 years here in town, but decided to venture out on his own to create something more authentic, less Americanized. The mom, Yadira, helps take orders and manages the business, and the daughters assist with all else including translating the menu and orders between their family and English-speaking customers. They are just so dang nice. There’s a few people that I’ve met at food establishments along this journey where afterwards I say, “I just want to be their friend”! LOL.

This week only, their blitz incentive is spend $20, get 15% off your tab when you mention the Tallahassee Foodies Restaurant Blitz at ordering, and because their food is so affordable, you are going to be set with food for a couple of days when you spend their minimum. We tried the shrimp quesadillas, chicken empanadas, their carne asada gorditas were my favorite, a ground beef crunchy taco, a ground beef burrito, and two chicken burritos for the kids (1/2 for dinner, and 1/2 for their lunch the next day). It is a ton of food, super tasty and nice size portions! Their birria tacos, a fan favorite, are offered on weekends, so I will be back very soon to give those a try!

Disclosure – Thank you so much to Tally Taco for gifting us our meal as a thank you for managing the Blitz! That was so very sweet of them! I insisted on paying, but they wouldn’t take it, so popped a tip in their truck for more than the price of our tab! Thank you again so much Tally Taco, and it was SO nice to meet you!

Find Tally Taco at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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