Happy #smallbusinesssaturday! I’m not sure that it gets any more holiday festive than loading up a stocking for my favorite foodies, and this year, I had the idea of adding in a couple of local products.  Well, one thing led to another and I found myself reaching out to restaurants here in town to see who sells what, ran around town stocking up, and now, I’m ready to give it all away!  Find out below how to win everything featured in this post!

Sponsors sent two of each product – one untouched for a giveaway winner, and one for me to dive into for pics. I like to make a mess for these photo shoots and of course, I happily devoured each “prop” (jelly biscuits, Mexican hot chocolate & more). Oh my word, we really do have some AMAZING local products all around us. If you walk into a restaurant and see some items on their shelves, give them a try. I have been so surprised every time! I learned from my “locals only” beer fridge post that big brands are not always better!

And this moment is far from the last we’ll see these products at Tallahassee Foodies. Now that I have my own goodies to dig into over time, look for recipes and reviews of each to show up at our Tallahassee Foodies Home Facebook group.

El Cocinero – not only does El Cocinero make and bottle their own hot sauce, but they actually grow their own produce found in the sauce at their very own Liberty Farms greenhouse. This sauce, a 10 month process from each annual vintage crop, smells amazing and is a nice thick consistency from the blended peppers and tomatoes. You can find their hot and extra hot sauces on the shelves of The Hawthorn (served with their oysters) and also El Cocinero for only $5 per bottle!

Grove Market Cafe – Not only did I have no idea that Grove Market Cafe sold their own products, but they have so much to choose from. Look at those whole blueberries in that compote. It was amazing on a biscuit. The granola was great on a salad and parfait, and I can’t wait to add the pepper jelly to my next cheese board. Other things to take home from your next visit to Grove Market Cafe include housemade focaccia, petite biscuits, peach preserves, fair-trade Sweetwater Organic Coffee, as well as their pancake and waffle mix.

Orchard Pond – I’ve already doused my Chamomile tea in Orchard Pond honey and it tastes amazing! Orchard Pond is a diverse, family-owned, organic farm located in the Red Hills Region of Tallahassee, Florida. Their honey bees make the finest tupelo, wildflower, and gallberry honey. They also offer granola, pesto, beef jerky and more! Purchase Orchard Pond at their website or at Brown’s Kitchen Center.

Backwoods Crossing – loving this homemade Muscadine Jelly, courtesy of Backwoods Crossing. I grew up snacking on muscadines from my grandparent vines, so this was a fun treat for me. Visit the Backwood Crossing shop wall for all sorts of foodie goodies including Hive To Table Honey, pepper relish, heirloom tomato salsa, and in 2020, their very own whiskey currently oak barrel aging from their Spring 2019 corn stalk crop.

Proof Brewing Company – Proof has teamed up with a local soapy, Sassafras Soapery, to bring you the latest to their shop, beer soap! Their beer soap is mixed with some of their most popular brews, including Mango Wit and La La Land. Stop by Proof to pick up this super fun beer soaked stocking stuffer.

Red Eye Coffee – I was so excited to work with Red Eye Coffee on this post. Have you been to their Capital Circle location? When I stepped in, it was packed with a room full of people enjoying each other’s company. The space was so cozy, complete with a fireplace and a case full of baked goods. They donated their very popular coffee and a Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix so new, we weren’t sure if it would be ready in time for this giveaway! I made a cup for this pic and oh my word, it’s so good. Love that little bit of heat from the spices.

Nikki Talks Food – Now ya’ll probably already know how I feel about Chef Nikki’s Pro Seasoning, but in case you didn’t, allow me to share. Although this is called an all purpose seasoning because it’s perfection on everything, I think its definitely an elevated all purpose seasoning, with much better ingredients than anything else on my shelves. Pro Seasoning is a perfectly balanced blend of Himalayan pink salt and black pepper among other spices. I’ve already spread it on the biscuits that top my favorite chicken casserole, scrambled eggs, pork tenderlion, broccoli and more! Nikki’s Pro Seasoning can be found at chefnikki.net as well as Brown’s Kitchen Center.

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