Guests arriving and jumping into our fun event.

Oh what fun it was to get together, while enjoying a wine and cheese pairing at a beautiful venue, The Gathering. Thank you so very much to the Social Catering team for delivering a fun-filled, tasty evening for our Tallahassee Foodies group!

What I love most about our meetups is that I’m seeing a lot of repeat event goers and we’re really getting to know one another. Quite a few people come solo and make new friends. Others come in pairs – friends, significant others, and in our case and another couple at our table, mother/daughter duos. Months ago, before our group grew quickly, I went solo to a Chef Nikki cooking class at Brown’s Kitchen, an event not affiliated with Tallahassee Foodies, and we all became friends. I see these same familiar faces at most of our meetups and it’s been such a joy getting to know them all better!

As you probably already know, charcuterie boards have gone viral at our group. It seems like every other post is about cheese, so I knew I needed to deliver for our next meetup. What started out as a cheeseboard class discussion with the amazingly talented and creative Social Catering team, quickly elevated into a social mixer experience, with a hint of education. There are quite a few cheeseboard making classes out there at the moment (I hope to attend one very soon!), so we wanted to go in a different direction, something more of a tasting and social experience. Just listening to the team’s back-and-forth convo, their ideas came quickly and easily, and it was so fun to witness their process of elevating our initial ideas. 

Not only did we get a taste of some amazing pairings, but at each station we learned, “why it works”, made so fun with our passport experience format. As we arrived at each sampling area, we stamped our passport and learned so much about each combo, and the flavors of what was served was definitely enhanced by the wine pairing. Inside of the passport were the pages seen at each station so we could take home the pairing lessons learned at the meetup.

Each guest also received a take-home party favor – a cheese board inscribed, Charcuterie is just an Adult Lunchable! On our way out, so many people asked for another similar get together, so hopefully I’ll see a bunch of you again, and perhaps some new faces, very soon!

The Gathering, featuring beautiful exposed brick walls, concrete floors and an industrial style blacked-out ceiling, was the perfect backdrop to our charcuterie and wine mixer. If you’re planning an event for 2020 (elevated tailgate parties, wedding, reception, work luncheons, holiday parties), I highly recommend The Gathering venue with the Social Catering team. They are unbelievably talented, with such an attention to detail.

Find Social Catering at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.
Find The Gathering at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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