A little about our guest author, Jeri Glaze: I’m a late bloomer to the coffee scene. Started with the usual gateways like sugar-filled, whipped cream topped PSLs and moved on to cream with a little coffee and now, my husband – who is an actual coffee nerd – grinds and presses a beautiful, 140g cup of pitch black coffee for me each morning. He was swept away to basic training for 10 weeks, and while I’m capable of making my own coffee at home, I thought I’d treat myself occasionally and take the opportunity to brag on a few of my favorite places in my favorite town before we headed to my 3rd favorite town: Washington, DC! We’re here now and I miss you (especially Rosalyn, Barby, and the Cowans), but the local shops here in DC are pretty great, too! 

We all “love our local” and coffee shops are no exception. Late last year, I took a survey and you all did not disappoint. Nearly 1,000 votes rolled in for your favorite shops – top 3 are Lucky Goat, RedEye, and Paper Fox! Since we clearly know and love these guys, let’s take a closer look at a few others…

Square Mug Cafe

A funky purple dream, complete with actual square mugs!

Barista’s Pick: “Actually, the food is my favorite part!”

In-House/Local Roast? Roasted in Gainesville by Sweetwater Organic Coffee: fair trade, organic, shade grown, and B Corp Cert. Sweetwater is part of a national coffee cooperative.

Treats: Baked goods and ingredients sourced from local and women-owned businesses including: Legacy Greens, Lovett Farms, and Play of Sunlight. Vegan and gluten friendly options available.

Philanthropy: Square Mug Cafe is very active in the community including a free food shelf inside.

Something Awesome: Tallahassee’s only (mostly) zero waste café!

Find This Coffee Shop At – Square Mug Cafe

Frother’s Daughter

A coffee trailer! My favorite location? Tallahassee Nurseries…but I’m biased.

Barista’s Pick: They actually feature barista and prized fan picks every month!

In-House/Local Roast? Lucky Goat

Treats: Baked goods from Tasty Pastry

Philanthropy: “We host Share-It events where organizations can partner with us to raise funds for important causes…we donate 10% to 15% of total daily sales… We have had the pleasure of partnering with incredible organizations from big to small including, but not limited to, Relay For Life, Dance Marathon, Light The Night, Hurricane Disaster Relief, student organizations, etc. We are so lucky to be able to help when and where we can and to have the support of all of these wonderful organizations!”

Something awesome: In addition to barista and fan picks, the year-round specialty menu is dedicated to the people who have inspired and supported her throughout.

Find This Coffee Shop At – The Frother’s Daughter

La Florida Coffee & Wine

A timeless downtown aesthetic of marble, glass, and sunshine.

Barista’s Pick: Vanilla Latte 

In-House/Local Roast? Locally roasted, single origin beans picked for drip coffee and a blend for the espresso machine

Treats: Baked in house. Fan favorites: jumbo chocolate chip cookies and fresh blueberry muffins, plus pumpkin muffins in the fall! 

Something Awesome: “Our goal is to bring the downtown community together and to create a space for people to connect and spend quality time with each other. We live in a fast paced world but it’s so important to slow down and enjoy the time we have! We hope to continue growing and meeting/serving much more of the Tallahassee community! Our space is available for rent for special events and catering that’s unique and one of a kind with beautiful indoor and outdoor space.”

Find This Coffee Shop At – La Florida Coffee & Wine

Black Dog Cafe

A Tallahassee classic with charming views of Lake Ella.

Barista’s Pick: “Changes with the seasons…current favorite: a red latte, made with South African red rooibos”

In-House/Local Roast? Dancing Goats Coffee (Black Dog choice for nearly 25 years, formerly Batdorf & Bronson), a roaster who is doing everything right from sourcing to solar and wind power, etc. Plus several organics, including the French roast cold brew.

Treats: Baked goods (including gluten free pumpkin bread!), local honey, and looseleaf tea

Philanthropy: Black Dog Cafe gives to numerous local non-profits in the form of gift cards or gifts for silent auctions. They also give at least $200 per month to Partners in Health, which advocates for medical care for all as a basic human right.

Something Awesome: Fresh landscaping and a new cover on the upper porch so you can enjoy your cuppa and the view, rain or shine! Celebrating 25 years this fall!

Find This Coffee Shop At – Black Dog Cafe

Argonaut Coffee

An introvert’s dream…pretty coffees surrounded by books!

Barista’s Pick: “Cappuccino! It’s a classic.”

In-House/Local Roast? Panther Coffee (Miami): ethically sourced and all-natural

Treats: Cupcakes from Hopkins Eatery

Philanthropy:  Argonaut is currently partnering with Neighborly who help the homeless population in Tallahassee as well as refugees.

Something Awesome: “Started our business 3 months before COVID hit Tallahassee and are now coming up on our 3 year anniversary. So grateful to the community for their support and so blown away by the growth we’ve had. Can’t wait for the next 3 years!”

Find This Coffee Shop At – Argonaut Coffee

All Saints Cafe (closed)

Students and professors enjoyed 18 years here…a little something on the way to class, a first date, piling up with friends on the couches after First Friday, late night study groups…dissertations were written, young visual artists and musicians found their audiences, and people who felt “different” back home learned that they are not alone and they are loved. It was the heart that beat between FAMU and FSU and it will be dearly missed.

Looking for a nice drive? Try…

CowHaus Coffee Co. (Monticello)

Grassroots Coffee Co. (Thomasville)

Additionally I have to say, the owners – founders and new –  managers, and every employee I’ve met over the years have been patient, kind, knowledgeable, and creative. I am so thankful for them and  I know I missed out on a few…let us know your favorites!

Take care, and take time to truly enjoy your drink of choice. No shame in the frilly stuff and no awards for the “black as my heart” crowd. As long as it brings you joy, I tip my cup to you.

Thank you so very much to Jeri Glaze, for the fun content and images, on behalf of Tallahassee Foodies!


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