Conner Smith (left) and Chris Smith (right) - Image c/o Shannon Smith at Tallahassee Foodies Facebook Group

Tallahassee’s culinary landscape just got a whole lot sweeter with the arrival of Ground Ops, a Tallahassee Bakery and Coffee Roastery! Located in the heart of our community, this delightful establishment is more than just a place to satisfy your cravings; it’s a testament to the pursuit of dreams and the joy of sharing delicious moments with neighbors and friends.

Meet the man behind the magic โ€“ Chris Smith, a former law enforcement officer turned master baker. After years of serving and protecting, Chris decided it was time to retire from the force and follow his passion for creating delectable delights.

A Tallahassee Bakery

Admittedly, as a neighbor to owner Chris Smith, I have been lucky enough to witness firsthand the journey leading up to the opening of his own shop, and even more fortunate to taste test those sweet and savory treats over the past several years – what started as the most incredible traditional cinnamon rolls, eventually morphed into a variety of flavored sweet rolls and then an amazing selection of savory rolls.

Sheet pans used to show up on my doorstep followed by a text message, “hey, time to try out our latest rolls, let us know what you think”! I fancied myself an expert in those moments and offered up a lot of fun feedback along the way. My favorite of the sweets were the s’mores and almond frosted topped with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and of the savory, I loved the bacon, egg and cheese with a light drizzle of syrup, and the artichoke, pesto, feta with sun-dried tomatoes.

Chris’s decision to retire from the police force and dive into the world of baking was met with cheers from friends, family and neighbors who had long encouraged this move. Those “cinnamon roll” themed holiday parties at his house, where their treats stole the show, were merely a taste of what is now in store for Tallahassee.

Adding another layer of expertise and craftmanship to Ground Ops is Chris’s son, Conner, who will be at the helm of the in-house coffee roastery. This duo ensures that every aspect of your experience, from the first sip of coffee to the last crumb of their baked goods, is a reflection of dedication and family pride. I’m a coffee rookie, so I am happy to get in there soon and pair a sweet roll with a cup of fresh roasted coffee.

Ground Ops isn’t just a bakery; it’s a gathering place for the community. It’s where neighbors become friends over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and the aroma of baked goods creates a sense of home. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, a baked goods lover, or someone simply seeking a welcoming atmosphere, Ground Ops invites you to savor the blend of flavors that make every visit special.

From “The Group”

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“Went to try GroundOps Roastery + Bakehouse for my morning coffee and itโ€™s such a lovely space that I decided to stay and have breakfast too. The egg, bacon and cheese roll was very tasty. It had chunks of egg in it that you could actually taste. And it wasnโ€™t salty!! The latte was extremely smooth. Coffee can taste bitter since I donโ€™t use sweetners, but this latte was perfection. And, I got to chat with my long lost GWTC friend, Shannon!!”
– Paula O’Neill

“I made my trek to visit the bakery this morning for the first time, and what a wonderful little shop this is! Everything was bright, airy, spacious, comfortable. I walked in with my own two boys and was so happy to see other moms and a good handful of children- I felt at home, all at once. The perfect spot for a dreary day like today, and on a clear day I could totally enjoy sitting outside on the patio.”
– Molly Woodsum

“Opening day of GroundOps Roastery + Bakehouse! Everything was SO delicious! I got a bacon, egg and cheese roll, a nitro cold brew coffee, a garnet & gold red velvet hello cake to go. For it being their first day, their whole team worked like a well oiled machine! The line moved very quickly and they have seating inside and outside to sit and enjoy. Everything tasted amazing!! Will definitely be back again soon”
– Alexis Perkins

Find Ground Ops Roastery + Bakehouse at:
Socials โ€“ WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Address โ€“ 810 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone โ€“ (850) 339-3590


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