TLH2GO - Tallahassee Takeout

Ya’ll know we are pro “keep it local” here at Tallahassee Foodies! Why? Because 40 cents of every dollar you spend at a locally owned establishment stays in Leon County. More money in our local economy leads to more jobs!

The Leon County Office of Economic Vitality has endorsed the efforts of TLH2GO, a locally developed online ordering system that charges our local restaurants zero set up fees, zero monthly fees, and no revenue split, unlike the big corporations that are currently taking fees from our struggling locals to Corporate Land! Because this savings is kept in our local economy, I’m happy to help spread the word. Some of their restaurant clients include Jeri’s Midtown Café (their biggest cheerleader that thinks every restaurant should use TLH2GO), Table 23, Cabos, Lofty Pursuits, Metro Deli, Bella Bella, SōDOUGH and so many more!

To place an order and “keep it local”, click to the restaurants below to get started. Restaurant owners, for more information on how to learn more, please contact TLH2GO.

Video Shot April 2020


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