You all are so super amazing at supporting local, especially flooding the newbie restaurants when they open. Please, let’s not forget the oldie, but oh so goodie restaurants that have been around for so long!

I was thrilled when Reangthai Restaurant, A taste of Thailand without the passport, popped up at random to spotlight in our blitz this week in hopes that more people stop by and visit. We’re doing the blitz, 6 restaurants chosen at random to spotlight each week because all restaurants are in need of our help right now. However, I have a feeling Reangthai needs our help a little more than some others. You don’t even have to spend a minimum to get their deal. 

The food was just as amazing as it was nearly two decades ago! Thank you all so much for the recommendations this afternoon before our lunch date! As always, y’all did not let us down! I had the chicken in yellow curry with rice, and my free blitz spring roll. My husband had chicken pad Thai with the heat kicked up a notch, with his free blitz spring roll as well. The crab cheese appetizer was unreal! Similar to crab Rangoon, with a little bit of a crisp on the outside, the filling was amazing, and I could drink the peanut sauce on the side (I chose to maintain composure in public this time). 

They have a couple of tables outside for those of you that prefer the nice fresh air this time of year. every weekly blitz details will stay pinned at the top of the group every week for the rest of the year.

Find Reangthai at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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