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Tallahassee, FL: Justine Spells, CEO and Operating Partner of the Railroad Square Craft House has decided that they will not be renewing their lease, making way for another restaurant or unique food & beverage concept to come in and replace them. Railroad Square will soon be searching for a new anchor tenant for that prime location fronting the Art District’s “town square”, The Art Garden.

Spells, stated “This has been an almost 4 year ride. It’s been a truly incredible entrepreneurial journey. During this time we were confronted with so many hurdles and overcame each and every one of them. We could continue to fight on, continue to prevail, but at this point, we have to ask ourselves, is that what we really want in life? I’m a single Mom, finding too little time to spend with my son, and it’s starting to wear on him. The challenges of the restaurant industry these past few years, the pandemic and labor crisis to name a few, has sapped much of the passion for why we started this in the first place.”

We are self-aware enough to know that we’re just “not all in” on this anymore. We don’t want to continue knowing there are other restauranteurs out there that would kill for this opportunity and would absolutely knock it out of the park in this location. We’ve hosted so many amazing community events and have become such a staple of the Art District. We are very proud of what we have accomplished, all of the lives we have touched. It’s the right time to bow out gracefully.”

While Railroad Square searches for a replacement tenant the Craft House will continue to operate, likely through the Fall and possibly the Spring, whatever is necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Whenever the right replacement is found the Craft House will be closing. “It will be a sad day to lock these doors one last time but like an arrow, sometimes you have to step back before you can launch forward.” Spells added.

The restaurant is approximately 3500 sq ft with a 2000 sq ft awning-covered patio overlooking the largest outdoor seating space in Tallahassee, able to accommodate events of up to 1,000 patrons (like ArtiGras or CatFest).

Spells continued, “There’s so much space, which presents so many unique opportunities and challenges. It’s a large load for a solo entrepreneur, and single mom like me. I think there are quite a number of local restaurant groups that are better suited to execute on all of the many different facets of business that come with such a huge space, such a huge opportunity. Something amazing is going to open up in our stead, I just know it.”

Rental information for this restaurant space is available at www.ArtDistrict.com/620. About Railroad Square Craft House: The Craft House is a restaurant that specializes in craft beer, craft wine, & craft cocktails with tasty gastro-pub eats. Located in Railroad Square Art District it opens up to the large outdoor music and arts venue, The Art Garden.

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