Tallahassee Foodies Pro Feature – Foodies, I’m a bit giddy over this week’s Pro Feature! Why? Because it combines so many of my favorite things – Shannon Kolchakian of Tally Cheese Boards, cheese, and breakfast lol!

This pro feature series is all about collaboration (I love getting to know people better through a fun foodie collab) and education. Once a week, I’m inviting a local expert in our community to “teach us their talent”! Today, I am thrilled to welcome Shannon, a local cheese board artist that has become quite the super star on Instagram for her beautiful boards! She doesn’t sell the cheese boards, but she is excited to get her in-person classes going again once this pandemic is long gone. I’ll let Shannon take it from here with a beautiful breakfast board…

Let’s be honest… I am not a writer and I am definitely not a chef. I am a LOVER of Cheese, Charcuterie, and building community. Planning out ingredients and spending time as an “artist” in the kitchen is a way to escape into a world of creativity…. away from your everyday mundane tasks and social media. Building a board is building community. Whether it is getting your whole family in the kitchen to build and create together, or sitting down to a meal you share from the same plate, it’s a chance to put your phones down (because no one wants their greasy fingers touching their device) and enjoy time spent together!

This week, I decided a BRUNCH BOARD would be perfect to share! My goal is to have at least one local product on every board. For this brunch board, we have 4!

  • Registers Sausage Baby Links
  • Brioche Bread from SōDOUGH Baking Co.
  • Microgreens from Lucky Dog Farms found at the Tallahassee Farmers Market
  • And two boards from Browns Kitchen

While I waited for the bacon and sausage to cook (I wish ya’ll could smell this Registers Sausage through the blog post), I began adding the ingredients to individual bowls for a build your own eggs “station”. Microgreens, aged cheddar, salt, pepper, and tomatoes were what I used, but you could add anything like on your eggs! Next, I made silver dollar pancakes (from a box because I told ya’ll I am not a chef LOL) and cooked the French toast using SoDough’s Brioche, eggs, almond milk, and cinnamon!

PRO TIP: Until you’re ready to assemble your board, put the hot ingredients in the oven on LOW.

For assembly, I layered two boards I bought from Browns Kitchen (so each “station” can have its own space and for height!), assembled the silver dollar skewers with 3 mini pancakes, registers sausage, and a strawberry for color and sweetness, AND made a flowing river of Brioche French Toast. Last, I sprinkled blueberries and strawberries all over to fill in the spaces and garnished with powdered sugar and ALL THE BACON!

Tips for any board: We eat with our eyes, so think about colors and symmetry. Also, using produce that is in season and making the ingredients easy to grab. The goal is to add layers, different textures, and height to any board you make!

So, whether you create this EPIC Brunch Board or a Cheeseboard (which is my specialty!) Enjoy building your boards but more importantly your community and relationships.

Shannon supported me at my Charcuterie and Cheese Social Event at The Gathering where we met, and I attended her cooking class at Brown’s Kitchen. It’s been so nice getting to know her! For more beautiful board ideas, visit Tally Cheese Boards on Instagram and Facebook!


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