A "New Year's Resolution" Giveaway, Courtesy of Prep Pros Tally

Prep Pros is Tallahassee’s highest quality meal plan service! We have been serving Tallahassee for 4 years now.

We are a FSU alumni owned business. What sets us apart from our competition is we prepare and deliver our meals DAILY. This allows customers to receive the freshest tasting meals possible.

Choose your meals from our menu or allow our chefs to choose for you. Let us know ANY dietary restrictions you have and we will accommodate for you.

In today's giveaway, one lucky member will win 1 week of any meal plan on the Prep Pros Tally website (total of 5 meals), including delivery. To enter, sign up for our (Tallahassee Foodies & Prep Pros Tally) newsletters below. For more ways to enter, please find this giveaway at our Facebook Group.

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