I had a blast visiting our MED (women and minority enterprise development) Blitz food establishments, brought to you by Tallahassee Foodies in partnership with the Leon County Office of Economic Vitality, and supported by the Capital City Chamber of Commerce, Tri Eagle Sales, Prime Meridian Bank, and Tallahassee Downtown!

This post is co-authored between myself, and our Tallahassee Foodies Facebook Group’s number one Blitzer, Maria Hossain. I made it out to 4 of 6 this week, as did she, but luckily she went to two that I didn’t, so here we are writing up this post together.

I’m pretty sure Maria is blitzing for our $135 Local Foodies Prize Basket, because she hit 4 out of 6 restaurants, 2 weeks in a row! We’re hosting a new blitz every week until the end of the year, 6 restaurants chosen at random each week to support, and besides the amazing incentives you get at each stop, anyone that goes further and hits 4 out of 6 restaurants in any week, will be entered to win our prize basket. We’re giving away one in October, November and December.

1. Black Dog Cafe
Images / Maria Hossain for Tallahassee Foodies

Courtesy of Maria of her visit to Black Dog Cafe, “We went today for the first time in ages (it’s not really close to where we live) and the drinks are delicious! I got my standard iced decaf latte with vanilla and my husband got the Headless Horseman. Highly recommend!”

I saved Black Dog Cafe because it’s an easy and quick one for me to get to, so I hope to visit them next week. Their cafe beverages are a big hit at the group, so I can’t wait to try them out!

Find Black Dog Café at – Instagram and Facebook.

2. Earley's Kitchen

Earley’s Kitchen is one of our favorite spots in all of Tallahassee! So much so, that when my husband has visitors in town on business, he takes them there for lunch. I was thrilled when they popped up at random for our MED (minority and women owned) Week Blitz and I knew I had to hit them on a fried chicken day!

Their fried chicken is exactly like the fried chicken my great grandma (mamaw) in Tennessee used to make! I went for the meat and two sides meal, adding on greens and macaroni and cheese. Country music is never a station I land on in my car, but I love listening to it there while eating southern food and sipping on sweet tea!

You all talk so much about their ox tail, that my husband wants to go back soon and give it a try! Zoom in on the first picture of a check out their menu.

Find Earley’s Kitchen at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

3. TC Bakery ft. Ma Mary's

I asked Jennifer of TC Bakery ft. Ma Mary’s how the blitz was going and she said when she opened on Tuesday, it was crazy! She said a lot of you have been coming in and that makes me so very happy to hear!

Her cake case was super exciting, so my mom and I left with three massive slices of cake. I got strawberry with cream cheese frosting, and it had a little strawberry crunchies on the outside, so the entire slice reminded me of those strawberry popsicles I used to get from the ice cream man as a kid. My mom got the first slice of a freshly baked banana pudding cake.

It was so wonderful to see Jennifer today. My mom was especially excited to meet her because I bought her a birthday cake from TC Bakery while we were going through a very difficult moment in our lives. We remember that cake as bringing a little sparkle during those tough times.

Find TC Bakery ft. Ma Mary’s at – Instagram and Facebook.

4. Casa Grande

We had a great time with the kids on the patio at Casa Grande. It’s the season for outdoor spaces. It was such a beautiful evening, and thank you all for your recommendations on what to order. Casa Grande was part of our blitz, so we make sure to stop by one of our favorite restaurants in all of Tallahassee (also family owned, and they’re so dang nice!).

I literally scoured the menu for everything that had a New tag so I could try something just introduced to their menu. And with your recommendations, I opted for the Barbacoa. It was amazing in a corn tortilla, topped with onion and cilantro, a squeeze of lime, tomatillo sauce, and a little bit of rice.

The kids both had chicken soft tacos, and my husband had a fajita quesadillas. Of course I had to try that margarita fight you all have been raving about. It was fun to sip on those on a blue sky evening on their beautiful patio.

Find Casa Grande Mexican Bar and Grill at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

5. Habana's Boardwalk

Courtesy of Maria Hossain of her visit to Habana’s Boardwalk, “Tonight we got take out of our fav dishes from Habanas Boardwalk. I got my Palomilla steak with moros and tostones. My husband got ropa vieja with the same two sides. Both dishes were HUGE.”

Maria continued, “We definitely were barely able to eat half (the ropa vieja dish pictured is literally only half of what was given to us) and we will have the rest for leftovers tomorrow. We also got a piece of flan to share and we got an extra one for my Mom – it’s her favorite flan in Tally!”

Find Habana’s Boardwalk at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

6. Catering With Care

Fried chicken twice in one week, lucky me! I’m loving our MED Week Blitz (women and minority owned)! We have such a nice variety of flavors this week, ranging from a bakery, southern food, a cafe, and Mexican food! I had Earley’s Kitchen on Monday, and today I visited Catering With Care and TC Bakery (next post).

Catering With Care, LLC Cafe & Catering has been in their current location since April, in the former Nicks establishment. They were off Crawfordville Highway and made the move to South Monroe months ago, nearly across the street from Dog Et Al.This food was so worth running through the rain. It was a much needed mother-daughter lunch break! For this blitz, you get a free dessert or drink with the purchase of any meal.

My mom had fried chicken with sides of candied yams, collards, and macaroni and cheese. I had the chicken and waffles, and we both had a sweet tea! They make their red velvet cake in house, and although I haven’t tried all red velvet cakes in town, this was by far the best I’ve ever had. The cake was moist and rich, and the cream cheese frosting was smooth and delicious.

Ask for DJ. He was so super friendly and took great care of us.

Find Catering With Care at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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