Over the past decade, we’ve seen it happen countless times, success born of disruption, when traditions and norms have been abandoned for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. But it takes innovative people, people with vision and passion and drive, to make those successes more than just a flash in the pan.

For Kate Murray, Slaton Murray, and Brad Buckenheimer innovation came in the form of fresh, healthy, and convenient food. “With most breakfast and lunch options out there today, you have to choose between healthy and convenient,” says Kate. “My partners and I grew super frustrated with this gap, so we decided to do something about it.”

“Doing something” meant meeting the need and creating a source that would supply it. Their answer? Launching their very own restaurant, Lemon & Thyme. “Lemon & Thyme is designed to shatter the idea that customized, fresh, healthy food can’t be provided conveniently for people on the go,” says Brad. “We serve customized salads and grain bowls, full of organic veggies, top-quality proteins and finished off with amazing homemade dressings. Everything we do is catered to the needs of the customer, from limitless customizable options to a designated pick-up area and more.”

While Lemon & Thyme is their first venture together, each of the three partners bring their own unique skillsets to the table, making them an incredibly dynamic team. “Brad brings decades of experience in the restaurant industry, and through his experience as a co-founder and owner of Canopy Road Café, he is an absolute pro at operating a restaurant and creating a quality experience,” says Kate. “My brother Slaton brings his background in commercial real estate and operations. He has his eye on investing in our business in the right ways to ensure future growth. Personally, I have a keen sense for customer service and experience and bring my background in healthcare, which allowed me to gain critical strengths in service, adaptability, and self-management. I also have a finance education, analytical mind, and people skills. Together, we have combined our talents to create a partnership that makes us stronger than we would ever be individually.”

Images c/o Lemon & Thyme

Opening their flagship location at 1120 Thomasville Road in late August, there are some signature items on the menu that will be must-trys: “The Medi Bowl features our signature Lemon & Thyme dressing, with a combination of fresh greens, bright veggies, hearty chicken and falafel,” says Brad. “It will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle your day. Your taste buds will thank us later. Another unique menu item is our brunch bowls. These bowls, available on weekends only, are great for grabbing brunch with friends and will fuel you up without weighing you down.”

Images c/o Lemon & Thyme

From the creativity of the menu to the absolute dedication to quality, there’s clearly passion at work here. “What I love most, and I speak for myself and my partners when I say this, is the opportunity to serve our community through food,” says Kate. “I think fresh, healthy food has the power to bring people together and make us feel good. Beyond the food and the gap that we are fulfilling in the market, I think the unique factor for Lemon & Thyme is the sense of community we are infusing into the brand. When you enjoy a meal at Lemon & Thyme, you will also be supporting local farms, growers, and artisans.”

Among their list of local partners is Juice Box, a cold-pressed juicery out of Thomasville, Georgia, who will be providing a signature Green Lemonade and other seasonal juices at L&T; Legacy Greens, a local micro-greens farm supplying a rainbow micro-green mix used in all L&T salads; Tally Kombucha, a Black, female-owned kombucha business based in Tallahassee that partnered with L&T to create a signature kombucha; and Hawthorn Bakery, a Tallahassee bakery providing all breads for L&T.

Lemon & Thyme at:
Socials – WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Address – Manor @ Midtown, 1120 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone – (850) 765-7517


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