Last night, I mentioned to our Tallahassee Foodies group that I was going to lunch with a friend and needed recommendations. That friend reminded me that “my request” was the entire basis of our group, how it all began! I started Tallahassee Foodies as a lunch group to keep in touch with my lunch buddies when I was switching from one job to another! My friend’s reminder felt like a fun, full circle moment!

I asked for a great lunch spot somewhere in the Downtown or Midtown area, and I was hoping you all would mention a spot I hadn’t tried before. Luckily, quite a few of you came through with the suggestion for VeneBites, perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month, so we jumped on that recommendation and enjoyed ourselves so much!

Y’all even offered up suggestions on exactly what to order, and we went for all of it! Everyone at VeneBites was so super friendly. When they overheard me talking about sweet tea, they offered me up a little cup, even though I was just trying to stick with water LOL. It was sweet tea perfection.

My friend ordered the plate of pulled chicken, black beans, rice, and sweet plantains. I ordered tequeños, those fried cheese sticks y’all were raving about and they were amazing! I also ordered the chicken arepas, a side of plantains, and I have no idea what that green sauce is, they called it a garlic sauce, but it has a tint of green to it, and it’s so tasty!

I can’t wait to go back to Venebites again soon! Thank you all so much for the recommendation! We enjoyed ourselves very much.

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