There has been chatter at social media about the fate of Havana Springs Resort for a few weeks now. Havana Springs Resort is the revival location of the old and very beloved Nicholson Farm House that opened in June of this year. Patrons that dined there have very much enjoyed their experience, and often raved about the food and service at our group. I like to wait until an establishment is ready to chat about things on their own terms and in thier own words. Their message shared on Facebook just moments ago follows.

Dear friends & guests,

Thank you for being patient and understanding during our renovations and reorganization of Havana Springs Resort. We are open for events and lodging!! However, through this process we’ve come to the decision to cease the operation of the restaurant and utilize our kitchen for caterers who will prepare foods for venue rentals of the Shady Rest and Nicholson House.

Our original purpose for opening Havana Springs Resort was to provide a special event resort for weddings, parties, retreats, celebrations etc. as well as provide guest room accommodations for tourists and local get-aways. We were enticed to open the restaurant along the way and we put everything we had into its operation. Between opening delays created by the hurricane and various operational and staffing challenges, the restaurant has not been as successful as we had hoped.

We are very thankful for the support of all of you and so appreciate your patronage. We’re mostly grateful for the wonderful friendships and acquaintances that we’ve developed with many amazing people in our community.

We are grateful to have had the experience of operating the restaurant and also very excited and relieved to be able to focus on what we were intended to do with our beautiful property from here forward.

Please consider Havana Springs Resort for your wedding, company parties, meetings, retreats, reunions, celebrations and guest room accommodations. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for upcoming events such as dances, murder mystery dinners, festivals, Frizbee Golf tournaments, holiday celebrations etc. We will have many resources such as caterers, DJs, musicians, entertainers and outdoor set ups at your disposal if you so need those recommendations.

Thank you again for all your support.

Kindest regards,
Jennifer & John Heal


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