Wasn’t it just yesterday we found out that Great Plates was opening a second location? Yet today, only a day later, they’re making another announcement, that they’re jumping right in with a soft launch tomorrow. I’ve been chatting with Luis Pedro Guerrero, the owner of Great Plates about this for a while now, wondering if I should share because as we all know, Tallahassee Foodies tend to make a soft launch not so soft! Luis’s response, “Yes, please share! The more the merrier!”

The second restaurant will be located at the former Chi Chi’s Cafe, 460 W Tennessee St. Guerrero said, “as sad as we are to see them go, we are pleased to announce that we will be taking over the beloved Chi Chi’s, my favorite Cuban restaurant of all time! I feel great knowing I can continue the legacy of those four walls.” Join Great Plates as they grace the “new to them” building tomorrow from 10am – 5pm, including crazy deals and a giveaway. Be sure to follow his highly active Instagram account @greatplatesllc (over 20K followers) for updates and permanent business hours.

For those of you new to Great Plates, Louis started cooking out of a friends house when he was fighting a court case that sent him to prison. “A month after my release, I started cooking home-based meals again until I could save enough money for an LLC to rent the building we are in now. I started with no money, no loans, just some friends and a far fetched dream. Trial and error, losses, stress, blood sweat and tears later, then came the second location”, said Guerrero.

At the new location, Great Plates can now offer more seating, better wait times, and more parking, which checks all of the boxes for his needs not satisfied by the first location. The new location will feature the same menu with a few additions to come. “Expect chicken, seafood, grilled, boils, hand rolled eggrolls, pastas, scratch made desserts etc.”, said Guerrero.

I love the way you all avidly support our local restaurants, helping them survive, and a few thrive, during a pandemic! That is what Tallahassee Foodies is all about and I am just so proud to be a part of it all!


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