Macarons by Amanda Giveaway

Welcome to a very bittersweet moment for our admin team, but we’re going to do our best to emphasize the sweet.

Amanda, one of our moderators, attempted baking macarons for the first time few months ago and over time, became very passionate about perfecting her recipes, getting those macs just right!

Lucky for us, the admin team became her official taste tasters, and I swear I did not put on any Covid weigh for a year working from home until those sweet treats kept showing up at my doorstep LOL. We told her if she was going to keep spending all of her money on macaron ingredients for us to enjoy, that we would happily help cover the cost, and that was the very beginning of her new business, Macarons by Amanda!

Given her new business venture, we all mutually agreed that it didn’t make much sense to have a food establishment on the admin team. Even though we do our best to be fair, unbiased, and disclose, we all felt this may be viewed as a potential conflict since we are designed to support all of our much loved local foodie establishments.

So with that said, we are parting ways, but this certainly is not a goodbye. We are so grateful for the past year that Amanda has dedicated to Tallahassee Foodies, and we are a much better group thanks to her dedication to our cause. We thought it would be fun to host a bittersweet farewell giveaway to highlight her amazing macarons! The flavors are fantastic, and she’s always up for a custom design for your next party.

Two lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card each to spend however you wish with Macarons by Amanda, depending on her flavor availability when you decide to cash in your gift card.

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