Prepare those sweet tooths, Foodies. Tallahassee is getting a new branch of Donut Kingdom. The bakery has already made a name for itself cooking up glorious donuts at their original Tennessee street location.

Now, owner Adam is just weeks away from opening his third location at 1989 NE Capital Circle. If you just can’t wait for the North-East location, Adam’s famous donuts can be found at the original location on Tennessee Street, and North Monroe location that just opened its doors just months ago in May. If you’ve done the math, this will be Donut Kingdom’s second opening during a pandemic!

The menu is jam-packed with delicious flavors, from Cinnaring to Snickers and everything in between. Donut Kingdom is known for their authentic donuts. Adam prides himself on the freshness of the sweets, noting that, “The baker works a graveyard shift every night to supply the donuts for the day and if we have to make more, we do it.”

The dedication to authenticity and freshness certainly shines through in every bite. Adam and his wife Suzan, along with their four children, have been active in the restaurant community for a few years now, and found their true passion in their Donut Kingdom empire.

Since opening the first DK in 2009, the stores remain family owned and operated. Of course, expanding during a pandemic presents unique challenges to restaurant owners, and Adam is not exempt. He notes that, though “it’s been tough,” he “couldn’t have done any of it without the lovely residents of Tallahassee.”

Though the opening date hasn’t been set yet, you can follow Adam on Instagram at @dktally, where he posts exciting updates. The Foodies community is greatly looking forward to Adam’s latest venture, and we can’t wait for the newest NE branch!

Find Donut Kingdom at – WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.


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