Break my heart on this one! We’ve dined at Cypress so many times over the years, and I was just in there again recently. It’s one of my favorite date night spots. I’ve literally picked family up from the airport after an evening flight and taken them straight to Cypress.

We will sincerely miss you so much Cypress Restaurant. I’m always too sad to share restaurant closures, so I’ll just share the following, in the owner’s own words, with the inclusion of some of my own images taken at their restaurant over time.

Elizabeth and I hope that you and yours are doing well.

It is mind-blowing to think that it has been twenty-one plus years since Elizabeth and I opened Cypress Restaurant. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience full of wonderful people, food, and drink. It has gone by so fast. We would love to continue for another twenty-one years but we are older, wiser, and… well, just that… we are older and wiser. With that said, Cypress Restaurant’s last day of operation is Saturday, July 24th.

We owe the longevity of our success to both our customers and employees. Our customers are simply the best. They have appreciated our efforts and offerings and have supported us during the toughest times. We are honored that you chose to dine with us.

Elizabeth and I would not be where we are without all the incredibly talented staff members that believed in us and the business we created. Thank you for helping us grow and thrive. Special thanks to two original employees, Caroline (Brewster) Richter and Lee Harris, who went above and beyond for us with their individual sacrifices and contributions.

We are appreciative of the accolades over the years from Florida Trend Magazine and Tallahassee Magazine. Both our customers and employees were instrumental in our receiving the recognition for our efforts.

We will forever cherish the wonderful relationships we made along the way. From the incredibly gifted artists and musicians who shared their talents within our space to the local farmers and producers who allowed us to offer locally produced goods before it was trendy and to the beverage vendors who opened our eyes (and palates) to the world of wine, beer, and spirits and who helped guide customers through almost two decades of our popular wine dinners. Thank you all.

Above all else, infinite love and appreciation to our families, especially our two sons. When we opened, they were toddlers and are now young men. We are so proud of them. We dragged them all into the crazy life of restaurateurs. Although Cypress is closing, you can still see Elizabeth’s and my sweet smiling faces when you visit Vertigo Burgers and Fries and Grove Market Café.

Again, thank you all for a wonderful experience.
David and Elizabeth Gwynn


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