This May, we’re celebrating National Salad Month by showcasing the best salads available in Tallahassee. Local restaurants are stepping up, offering everything from robust, hearty salads to light, refreshing dishes perfect for Florida’s spring weather. Let’s uncover the top spots to enjoy a delicious bowl of greens as local dining establishments prove that salads can be both delicious and nutritious.

Ever wonder, “Where’s the best salad in Tallahassee?” We’ve explored the local food scene to answer just that. Our comprehensive guide details the best places to enjoy fresh, flavorful salads in Tallahassee, whether you’re seeking something light and healthy or hearty and filling.

  • Hopkins – “Hopkins is my favorite sandwich shop in town, and I love many of their sandwiches. But today, I tried their Mediterranean Tuna Salad with ranch for the first time (ordered based on my sister’s recommendation, because we both *love* tuna) and it was incredibly delicious.”, Halie Renee Pullen
  • Lemon & Thyme – “Lemon & Thyme!!! So delicious and fresh. I got the Mexicali salad with their lemon & thyme dressing. So good!!! I can’t wait to go back and try even more salads and bowls they all looked amazing.”, Sky Nobles
  • Backwoods Crossing – “Farm to table is such a beautiful concept, and it benefits everyone in the local economy plus you get incredibly fresh cuisine. I had the shrimp salad with fresh, locally caught shrimp and citrus for lunch and it was beyond fabulous!”, Gabrielle K Gabrielli
  • Midtown Caboose – “I was craving a good salad, so I looked here (Tallahassee Foodies Facebook Group) for reviews and found Midtown Caboose. The salad was huge and oh so filling! It was everything I expected and so delicious!”, Tani Sheen
  • Jeri’s at Market Square – “I love the Jeri’s Wonder Salad and the brie and apple pressed sandwich served with their amazing tomato bisque. This chic and casual cafe is located in Market Square, with a spacious patio for outdoor dining. The staff are a great team and work together to ensure your dining experience is a pleasure.”, Somkit Thompson
  • Bare Naked Kitchen – “Tried Bare Naked Kitchen for the first time for a coworker’s birthday and was quite impressed! I had the Shanghai Crunch (pictured), the birthday girl had the Cobb Salad, another had the Porkfection, and the last had the Bee Sting, which I absolutely want to try next time. Healthy, delicious, and unique!!”, Jamie Seidman McDonnell
  • Yasou Cafe – Fresh Mediterranean – “Yasou Cafe – Fresh Mediterranean was fantastic. I got the Mediterranean salad and added chicken shawarma. I couldn’t stop eating it. The Greek dressing with bits of feta…”, Martha Rollin Soder
  • Bumpa’s Local #349 – “Stopped by Bumpa’s Local #349 specifically for this salad, which I saw in the group and on the Tallahassee Foodies blog. It has a fried goat cheese medallion, pickled onions, bacon, blueberries, and a blueberry vinaigrette. Y’all, this is hands down my favorite salad…. pretty much ever.”, Becca Arroyo
  • The Bark – “For those of you who haven’t tried The Bark, run. SO absolutely delicious. I’m regretting only ordering the Asian salad with crispy tofu for lunch. Also regretting not taking a picture. I don’t think I have in my life ever had a better salad.”, Laura Blessing
  • Madison Social – “Yesterday, I picked up a Grilled Buffalo Chicken salad from Madison Social and I want it again today! The sauce had a little bit of a kick to it without being too spicy and the blue cheese dressing was thick and chunky like i like it. It was all just a bit fancy with the additional blue cheese crumbles and all over a spring mix as opposed to iceberg lettuce. I love this so much!”, Jennifer Leale

We took a poll in our Facebook Group to find your favorite local restaurants serving delicious salads in Tallahassee. Please also see our other fun roundups of Tallahassee local favorites.


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