Those Backwoods brothers are all “head in the clouds” vibes over their next big move!

Back in November, we reported that Jesse and Tyler Rice decided to close Backwoods Bistro to focus on a future endeavor they had in the works.  We shared a little tease that one door was closing so that another could open!  Well, we can now elaborate quite a bit more, and will keep you all updated along the way. 

Today, I’m thrilled to annouce that Backwoods has closed on the purchase of the old Harbor House building in Panacea and they have immediately started renovations.

Fun fact, Backwoods general manager, Stacy Welch celebrated her every birthday from ages 15-22 at the Harbor House, so this is definitely a passion project for her, a dreamy full circle moment!  She grew up in the Panacea/Ochlochnee area and the Rice brothers grew up in Sopchoppy, so they’re “trying to tap in to that nostalgia of our old hometown”, said Stacy.

“The Harbor House was a Wakulla County staple for so long. My friends parents actually owned and operated it. It was great for birthday dinners and nights out with your family. As we got older it was a familiar place for late night hang outs doing karaoke and visiting after a long day of fishing”, said Stacy.

Stacy continued, “To be able to open it again in our hometown and bring back a piece of that history with a new twist is an amazing opportunity for a group of kids who grew up running around the county. Its always nice to come back home and bring something new and fun to the place you loved to grow up.”

Backwoods Bayside plans on rebuilding the dock and offering boat slips so the space will have marina access as well.  They’re thinking of roughly a late Spring or early Summer 2022 opening. Menu development is next on their agenda, and we’ll be sure to keep our Tallahassee Foodies in the loop as we hear more! 

Also, don’t worry my foodie friends – Backwoods Crossing is here to stay as they expand to their new location in Panacea!

Backwoods Bayside will post regular renovation video updates at their Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow along here at Tallahassee Foodies, as well as their socials for all latest coverage of their fun, new adventure. Who’s ready for a little road trip for some amazing food???



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