Join Tallahassee Foodies at the “new in town” Hot Birdie’s, brought to you by the chef/owner of Food Glorious Food! With all the chicken sandwich wars still in full effect, I love that we now have another local option.

On January 21st from 6-8pm, Hot Birdie’s will host a Preview Event, exclusive for Tallahassee Foodies, a week before their Grand Opening!

Courtesy of Hot Birdie’s, “Hot Birdie’s Chicken is now open, baby! That means the hottest, the best and the tastiest hot chicken sandwiches around are ready for you. From our savory signature Hot Birdie, which packs serious spice, to our flavor-packed Buffalo Birdie that delivers sweet heat, there’s a sandwich for everyone. For a complete meal, choose from a side like waffle fries or Gooey Mac and wash it all down with a cold soft drink, craft beer or handspun milkshake. Come on in and meet our team, say hello and get yourself a Birdie! We appreciate ya!”

We will select 50 Tallahassee Foodies members at random for this giveaway. Each confirmed guest AND their +1 will win entry to the preview event, as well as 20% off your meal. Hot Birdie’s is located in Capital Plaza at 1898 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32303.

Guest List Raffle Sign Up

Thank you so much for your interest in our Hot Birdie’s + Tallahassee Foodies Preview Event! Please note, this sign up does not confirm entry. We will host a raffle and draw names until we meet capacity for this get together. Winners will be selected and confirmed via email on Wednesday.


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